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The activation code is a unique and non-transferable code located on the label of the Orain OBOX system that allows the customer who purchased the system to register it on the platform and, consequently, to start the service. This code will be entered by clicking on the Add Machine button in the Settings/Machines menu of the Dashboard.

Auto-top up is the functionality that users of the application can use to automatically recharge their balance. Through the "Wallet", users can access the auto-top up option, where they can configure when they want their balance to be recharged automatically and how much they want to recharge. For example, when my balance is less than €2, I want to automatically top up €10.

We know as balance the amount of money available in the wallet of a user or company. You can increase the balance by topping up, by transferring the amount from a card or bank account to the virtual wallet.

The campaigns serve to inform users about any news through notifications. Whether it's a promotion, fixing a breakdown, or just a congratulation. The steps to follow are: 1 - Choose the target, for example, all users of a particular machine or location; 2 - Write the message 3 - Check and send notification.

They are establishments dedicated to the cleaning of cars by the users themselves, operating the equipment themselves or using washing machines or tunnels.

In this case, we are referring to the wallets that are connected to the machines, and which are used by users to insert coins and consequently to pay for their products. There are wallets of various brands and types. Generally, wallets use MDB or Executive protocols to connect to the machine. In this case, it will be important to look at the protocols used by the wallet so that we can connect an Orain device to the machine in one way or another.

We understand CHG as short for Change Giver, which means Wallet. In this case, we are referring to the wallets that are connected to the machines, and which are used by users to insert coins and consequently to pay for their products. There are wallets of various brands and types. Generally, wallets use MDB or Executive protocols to connect to the machine. In this case, it will be important to look at the protocols used by the coin mechanism so that we can connect an Orain device to the machine.

It is the Value Added Tax (VAT), a number that serves as a tax identifier for companies with legal personality or foundations. It consists of a letter and an eight-digit number.

Users are known as companies if they have an account in Orain through which they manage their machines and products.

They are electrical machines dedicated to making photocopies, scanning documents or printing files.

This is the private section of the website to which registered users can access via their Login. It groups together all the platform's functionalities and is divided into the following sections: Data, Communication, Configuration, Profile, Administration and Billing. From the dashboard you can access chat conversations, promotions, data analysis and viewing, campaigns... You can also configure and add machines, as well as make refunds and manage the entire history of invoices, transactions and receipts.

It is a representation of the operation of the device and the platform, with the aim of showing all the functionalities and how to use them.

When we speak of a device, we are referring to the OBOX itself, which is the part that we connect to the machine so that it can interact with the users.

It is the button that is usually used on OCS machines by users in order to purchase a drink. By clicking on the "Dispense" button, the machine is unlocked so that the user can use it at the same time as being charged for consumption.

We understand EXE as the abbreviation of the EXECUTIVE protocol.

The Frequently Asked Questions section is known as the FAQ. In this informative section, you will find answers to common questions on a specific or general topic.

It is the monthly or annual amount paid in exchange for the use, improvement and maintenance of the Orain platform and device.

It is the "Login" page on the platform. Only previously registered users can access your private section of the website, identifying themselves by their credentials generated at the time of registration.

The MAC address, also known as a physical address, is a unique identifier that each manufacturer assigns to its connected devices. It is made up of 12 digits grouped in six pairs.

Marketpay is a solution offered by SOCIALPAY, S.L. for the management of payments and escrow accounts, which allows Orain to control the transactions and payments made by the users of the platform. In addition, Marketpay uses Blockchain technology for maximum transaction security, preventing fraud and complying with anti-money laundering regulations.

The master device is usually a device that is placed on the machine and is responsible for managing all the information about the machine: prices, products, peripherals. The Orain device itself has the possibility of acting as a Master device.

It is the Tax Identification Number (TIN), a number used for tax control of economic and commercial activities; it consists of the national identity card number plus one letter.

When we talk about Nomad we are talking about OCS. Travellers are non-recurring users, i.e. those who buy sporadically. The operator can determine a different price for nomadic users and those who buy on a recurring basis.

The term OBOX is used to refer to the Orain device itself. The OBOX is the box containing the hardware that allows a user to interact with the machines.

It is known as OCS or Office Coffee Service to the Service of Coffee in Offices. They are coffee machines designed for use in offices.

ODESK is the term we use to refer specifically to the Orain Dashboard. Through ODESK, operators have access to all kinds of information about their machine fleet, where they can manage all of Orain's functionalities. ODESK can be accessed from any device with internet access.

It is known as OCS or Office Coffee Service. They are coffee machines designed for use in offices.

Software developed by Orain that allows the End User to pay electronically by credit card (visa and mastercard).

These are places or spaces used to park vehicles in exchange for a fee, which may be fixed or variable depending on the time of parking.

Product identifier reference code. Contains information on device features and components

It is the section of the Dashboard that allows machine operators to generate offers or promotions linked to their machines or products for a specific time. The users selected during the configuration, receive a notification through the app announcing the available promotion. Promotions are configured by selecting the segment to which they apply (specific users, by location, users of one or more machines, all users, product promotions, etc.), the validity period (start date, end date and time zone) and the type of offer (product gift, percentage discount or fixed discount).

It is the action of returning a specific amount of money to a user. Refunds are usually made when a user has had a problem during the purchase process on a machine and the amount has been deducted from their balance without having received the product or service correctly. Users can request refunds directly from the app and operators can make refunds directly from the Dashboard.

This is the page for creating an account at Orain. It is aimed at unregistered users. During the registration process the user is asked for some personal data, as well as a user name, email and password to allow access at a later date. Registered users can access their private space from the Login page.

A regular user is a user who buys recurrently on the same machine. For example, if a user regularly consumes a coffee on the office machine, the user becomes a "regular user" and can therefore access cheaper prices.

Roles are used to designate different users to access the Dashboard. Through the control panel, you can configure as many roles as you want. For example, we can create a Role so that a user only has access to the configuration sections of the machines, or create a Role so that a person can only access the billing section. Once the Role is created, it must be associated with one or more users.

The letters SAAS refer to the acronym 'Software as a Service'. In the case of Orain, we would say that access to the platform and maintenance of this is the SAAS.

They are laundries where the clients carry out the process of cleaning, drying and ironing the clothes using the machines available in the establishment. In the self-service laundry we find mainly washing machines and dryers, although in some cases we can find clothes irons, detergents, softeners and tables to fold clothes.

Unique code identifying the devices.

When we are referring to an sporadic user we are referring to a user who, as the name indicates, buys sporadically. In other words, when a user is passing through an office where there is an Orain machine and makes a purchase, he is an sporadic user, if he were to buy on a recurring basis, he would be a regular user.

A technician is the user we associate with a given Role. Once a Role has been created, it must be associated to a specific user, this person, will be the technician.

The timeout is the time from when the user selects the product until the sale is confirmed. For the proper functioning of the machine, it is recommended that the timeout of the application is always lower than that of the machine.

It is the action of transferring money from a card or bank account to the wallet. Reloading increases the available balance. Top ups are made through the app. It is possible to make automatic top ups, specifying the conditions in the same application.

The POS (Point of Sale) is a device that allows payments and collections with debit and credit cards to be made securely.

Users are people who have an account with Orain and have registered through the app.

It is an identification number that allows a company or self-employed person to invoice other companies in the European Union.

They are self-service vending machines operated by different means of payment. The vending machines offer sales of almost any service or product and are characterized by being usable 24 hours a day every day of the year.

When we talk about VMC we are using the abbreviation "Vending machine".

The virtual wallet, also known as a "wallet", is a wallet that stores users' balance after recharging. Allows for purchase transactions, refunds and transfers.

It is the section of the Dashboard that allows operators to communicate with their customers. It can be accessed from the "Communication" section in the "Customer Service" section. Conversations are first sorted by machine. Inside each machine, the conversations are displayed by user, classified according to type: request for refund, incident and other areas. From each conversation you can reply to the users, who will receive the messages through the chat of the app of the corresponding machine.