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This is the private section of the website to which registered users can access via their Login. It groups together all the platform's functionalities and is divided into the following sections: Data, Communication, Configuration, Profile, Administration and Billing. From the dashboard you can access chat conversations, promotions, data analysis and viewing, campaigns... You can also configure and add machines, as well as make refunds and manage the entire history of invoices, transactions and receipts.

It is a representation of the operation of the device and the platform, with the aim of showing all the functionalities and how to use them.

When we speak of a device, we are referring to the OBOX itself, which is the part that we connect to the machine so that it can interact with the users.

It is the button that is usually used on OCS machines by users in order to purchase a drink. By clicking on the "Dispense" button, the machine is unlocked so that the user can use it at the same time as being charged for consumption.