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It is the action of returning a specific amount of money to a user. Refunds are usually made when a user has had a problem during the purchase process on a machine and the amount has been deducted from their balance without having received the product or service correctly. Users can request refunds directly from the app and operators can make refunds directly from the Dashboard.

This is the page for creating an account at Orain. It is aimed at unregistered users. During the registration process the user is asked for some personal data, as well as a user name, email and password to allow access at a later date. Registered users can access their private space from the Login page.

A regular user is a user who buys recurrently on the same machine. For example, if a user regularly consumes a coffee on the office machine, the user becomes a "regular user" and can therefore access cheaper prices.

Roles are used to designate different users to access the Dashboard. Through the control panel, you can configure as many roles as you want. For example, we can create a Role so that a user only has access to the configuration sections of the machines, or create a Role so that a person can only access the billing section. Once the Role is created, it must be associated with one or more users.