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Getting started

Register and first purchase

1. Download the app

2. Register

3. Discover the machines around you

4. Select the machine you wish to use and click on “Connect”

5. Top up your balance

6. Select your product on the machine


Recharge coins

The option of topping up credit can be done through the app. Once registered, we have two options: recharge with card or coins. The first option is done only with the app and, in the second, it is necessary to insert the coins in the machine.

Option 1: With a credit card (Video)

1. Access to the chat of the machine you wish to use

2. Click on “wallet” > “top up”

3. Select the amount you wish to charge

4. Add a new card and then choose if you want to save it or to use it only once. If the card is saved, it will not be necessary to re-enter the data for the next reload.

5. Fill in the information about your card

Option 2: With coins (Video)

1. Access to the chat of the machine you wish to use

2. Click on “connect”

3. Insert the coins in the machine

Auto top up 

1. Click on “Wallet” and on “Auto top up”

2. Configure your top up

Get your list of bills 

1. Click on the “Wallet” button and click on “Bills”



Ask for a refund 

1. Enter in the chat of the wished machine and click on “help”

2. Click on “request a refund” and choose what you want to be reimbursed for

3. Explain (minimum 5 words) why are you requesting a refund

4. Once, from the dashboard, the request has been accepted, the user will receive the following message

Notify mistakes and incidents

1. Click on “Help” and on “Report problem”

2. Select the type of problem and describe the incident


Do you need help?

If you have a problem and can’t solve it with the help of the different articles and videos, write us a message by clicking on contact.