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Chapter 2: The TakeAwaykers

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Chapter 2: The TakeAwaykers

The world is evolving. People have changed their consumption habits. A new generation of TakeAwaykers is born. Men and women of different ages, passionate about shopping on the go and paying with their mobile phones.
The TakeAwaykers use the self-service machines to satisfy their daily consumption and activity needs: laundry, coffee, drinks, snacks, tobacco, car parks… They are determined and do not want anything or anyone to stop them.
But not everyone knows what it means to be a TakeAwayker. Some regular and spontaneous consumers of self-service machines are surprised to see how they manage to make the process of interacting with the machines more efficient and pleasant: with their mobile phones.
The Orain app allows them to communicate with the machines, simplify the purchasing process by eliminating all points of frustration and… pay on all types of machines without the need to carry coins.
More and more people are joining the world of TakeAwaykers!



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