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Chapter 3: Your frustration

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Chapter 3: Your frustration


Oh no! No one has warned him… He just puts coins in the machine and never gets his coffee. This machine has been out of service for 15 minutes, it accepts coins but does not deliver the product…



It was to be expected… The machine has taken his money and he runs out of coffee to help him clear his mind every morning.



Frustration, anger and disappointment are the three words that best define this user’s mood. Luckily there is someone who has the solution to his problems.



– It is also possible to report the problem. And even more – he explains – you can pay with your mobile and talk with the machine.



#Orain allows you to report any problem you have. Thus, you can have the money back in your account.

– I do understand your amazement, explains the employee. And adds – you have the same face as me when a group of users who call themselves TakeAwaykers, presented it to me.



The employee, wanting to impress the young man even more, buy a cookie into another machine:

– Yes! Can you believe it? With this app you can pay from the mobile, machines of the #Orain network, even if they are of different #Operadores.



Yes, you are already part of the #Orain world. Start enjoying this fintech platform that facilitates the interaction between machines and people.
It aggregates all the self service machines into a unique application

“We are a network that brings together all self-service machines in one place and we integrate a mobile payment system and communication so you can pay for your products or services with minimal time and effort.

Our technology is available for the machines linked to the services such as Office Coffee Service (OCS), Vending, Laundry, Car Wash and Tobacco.”



That’s it! #Orain is an application that revolutionizes the world of self-service machines. You can talk to the machine.

Report faults, receive refunds, know when a machine is out of service, access promotions and much more!

We live a #Orain World.



#OrainWorld is growing!



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