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What kind of machines are compatible with the Orain system?

Mmm … maybe all! Our system is so versatile that it could be installed on any machine.

Currently we have Orain devices installed in vending machines, coffee machines, coffee service, parking, self-service washing machines, photocopiers, car washes and ticketing machines.

Would you be interested in adding Orain to other types of machines? Send us an email to and discover everything we can do.

How is the Orain system installed on my machines?

The Orain system is installed on your machines in a very (really) very simple way, anyone without technical knowledge could do it.

It is not necessary to drill the machine, or internet connection … not even tools. Simply connect the device to the machine and the wallet (if applicable) with the cables that we offer and that’s it.

Do I need a machine with internet access to install it?

No! The system does not require any type of connection to the network: neither telephone, nor wifi, nor cable internet. Consumers only have to connect to the machine via Bluetooth and place their order.

Your machine does not require anything, we have everything integrated into our device.

How much is Orain?

The price of Orain devices varies depending on the type of purchase volume and the machine to which you are going to install.

You can request a quote and more information without any kind of commitment by contacting one of our sales representatives through the following email:

What data does Orain collect?

The ones that really interest you: income, number of purchases, number of refills, information on the status of your machines, active users, purchases per user, information on your campaigns, information and statistics of your products…

We present all the data in a visual and easy to understand way, leaving you the possibility to make your own filters by product, machine, date, location, user, purchases and recharges.

How does the app chat work?

Consumers who have downloaded the Orain app, will have access to a chat for each machine with which they can communicate, make any query or report incidents.

Your messages will be answered automatically by our chat, endowed with Artificial Intelligence and able to interpret the messages received to generate an instant and accurate response. This response generated automatically, can provide solutions in many cases to incidents or doubts that consumers may have. In any case, you can respond in a personal way to the users through our web platform.

How can I respond to my clients' comments?

From the communication module of our web platform. In this section, you will find all the conversations your customers have had with the machines, as well as the automatic responses generated by our chat with Artificial Intelligence.

You can respond to any customer “live” in an individualized way, solving their problems or simply responding to their comments. The client will receive a notification in the Orain app with your answer in the chat.

How do my clients pay with the app?

Each of your clients has a virtual wallet in which they can recharge their balance. You can recharge the balance by linking your credit card or simply inserting coins into the machine. Once they connect with the machine they want to make the purchase, customers simply have to select the product demanded and … ready! Purchase made.

The amount of the purchase is entered directly into your wallet. You can withdraw your income from the wallet at any time.

How do I receive the revenue from the machines?

Very easy. When creating your company account, we ask you to attach an account number to be able to realize the income of your purchases.

All your income will accumulate in a virtual wallet and you can decide when and how much to transfer to your account. You are who decide.

Can I return the money to a specific client?

Of course, this is one of the many advantages that Orain offers you.

Improve your customers’ shopping experience with a single click. Receive the user’s incident, analyze what happened to them and, if desired, return the selected amount. No client will be dissatisfied.

How do I register a machine?

To register a machine, you need to be registered in the platform and have in your possession the Orain device that you want to install. This device contains an activation code that you must indicate in the registration process of the machine.

If you do not have an Orain account, register on our platform and we will contact you.

If you already have an account, go to Settings> Machines> Add Machine, and enter the information about the machine you want to register.

I need more information

Any unresolved doubt? Send us an email with your question, incidence or request to