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Any questions?
Where can I find Orain machines?

There are more and more machines that make up the Orain system!

Currently, we have Orain devices installed in vending machines, coffee machines, coffee service, parking, self-service washing machines, photocopiers, car washes and ticketing machines.

Do you want to request that a machine gets Orain installed? Send us an email to indicating the details of the machine and its location.

How does it work?

Download the app

Connect and interact with the machines

Top up your balance by inserting coins into the machine or through your credit card

Place your order in the machine


Easy, right?

It's free?

Of course, and always will be.

What benefits does Orain provide?

– Forget coins, pay through your mobile

– Notify any incident and/or ask for the refund of your failed purchase

– Receive offers and promotions

– Control your expenses in the machines (coffee, vending…)

– Request a new product or service to add to your favorite machine

– It’s free

How can I buy a product with Orain?

1. Download the app

2. Connect and interact with the machines

3. Top up your balance by inserting coins into the machine or through your credit or debit card

4. Place your order on the machine

Is it safe to buy through the Orain app?

For us, safety comes first. Therefore, all of Orain’s balance management is integrated with Marketpay, an escrow payment provider with a great reputation in the sector and recognized for its security system in online monetary transactions.

In other words, you do not have to worry about anything. You’re in good hands.

How can I top up the balance?

You have two options:

– Select the amount you want to top up and enter the details of your credit or debit card. The selected amount is added to your balance.

– Connect with a machine and insert coins, the added amount is transferred to your Orain balance.

How do I know if a machine is Orain?

There are two ways to check it:

Find the Orain sticker on the machine. You will easily recognize it.

Click on the “Discover devices” button in the app. If the machine has an Orain device installed it will appear on your mobile so you can connect.

Something has failed, where can I notify?

Tell it to your machine! Yes, yes, what you read.

Connect to the machine that has failed and report any incident, problem or failure through the chat. Your messages will reach the operator of the machine in the form of notification. He will be able to solve your requests and return the money if necessary.

Where can I download the application?

Do you have an Iphone? Search for “Orain” in AppStore and download it for free (

Are you using Android? Search “Orain” on Google Play and download the free app (

How can I connect to a machine?

Click on the “Discover” tab of the Orain app and press the Bluetooth button. All the Orain machines around you will appear, select the one you want to connect to and… that’s it, you’re already connected to a machine. Easy!

My favorite machine does NOT work with Orain, how can I ask it to do it?

Send us an email to indicating the details of the machine and its location.

We commit to fight to install our device on the machine (or machines) that you indicate us.