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What is Orain?

Orain is a Fintech platform that combines Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) and allows to create an interaction and communication with elements of the daily environment in an easy, dynamic, and intuitive way. Orain connects users with machines through mobiles, generating endless possibilities to improve the user experience in their relationship with the machine.


Orain creates the perfect link between the machine and the user. The Orain device, which can be installed on all types of machines, works as a signal receiver and data collection center. Users with the Orain mobile application connect to the machines via Bluetooth. Once connected, users have access to the chat of each machine and all the functions of Orain.

How does the chatbot work with Artificial Intelligence?

With algorithms based on Deep Learning technology, our system is able to learn and assimilate the tastes and peculiarities of the consumer, improve their recommendations, interactions and requests.

This allows maximizing the user experience, creating a more dynamic relationship between the business and the consumer.

How does the payment system work?

For us, security comes first. That’s why, All Transaction Management, Payments and balance of Orain this Integrated with Marketpay, Payment Provider with a guarantee of great reputation in the sector and recognized by its Security System in Monetary Transactions online now.

MarketPay creates a virtual purse or wallet to each user at the time of registration, both companies and users. Each time a user completes a balance, in cash or with a credit card, it is added to their wallet. If the user makes a purchase, the amount is transferred from his wallet to the wallet of the operating company of the machine. Both parties can withdraw the money from their wallets and transfer it to their checking account or credit card at any time. Easy, safe and completely free at all times.


With the Orain app, users can buy vending machines, coffee machines, self-service laundries, photocopiers, parking… At the same time, they notify any incident, make any request and receive offers, promotions, and information about the machines and products.

Mobile payment

Purchase quickly and securely through the Orain app. Goodbye coins. Payments or recharges by credit card are made through MarketPay, which guarantees the security and privacy of user data. The application also allows saving the data of the user card to streamline the process in future purchases.

Promotions and offers

Through the app and exclusively, users can receive discounts and offers on machines or products. Promotions can be programmed by date, user, location, machine and activity of the users, adjusting to the needs and preferences for each type of service.

Chat with Artificial Intelligence

Every time a user connects to a machine, a chat is generated automatically, with which they can communicate, make any query or report incidents. The chat of each machine is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and is able to interpret the messages received to generate an instant and accurate response.

Business Intelligence + Data Analysis

Visualization of the status and activity of users and machines.Users can see the data referring to their purchases, the amount spent and activity flow with the machines. While those in charge of managing the machines will have access to their own dashboard, where statistics and the status of their machines, consumers, income and activity will be displayed.


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